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Keeping code formatted the easy way

If you’re like me, you prefer to have your code tidy, and being a lazy guy, you have defined a ReSharper Code Cleanup template. The problem however, is that you might forget to run the Code Cleanup command every time you change the file. So I decided to go ahead and automate that by building a Visual Studio extension which will run the Silent Code Cleanup command every time a file in a solution is saved. The profile to use…

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An Automatic Factory for the Unity Container (with respective NuGet package :-) )

UPDATE: I recently created an improved version of this idea, in which you are allowed to specify a factory interface, and my framework will automatically tell Unity how to generate an implementation of that factory interface. In the middle of the last sprint of the software project we’re just starting, we had the need for some object factories. Out of the sense of urgency/lack of immediate solutions, we started writing them by hand. I knew we wouldn’t go far down…