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Building a GitHub bot

Introduction This last week I’ve been writing a GitHub bot for Having some open-source repositories with lots of external contributors, we can use some help automating the contribution pipeline. So I set myself out to explore the current landscape of bot frameworks. The two that came out on top are Hubot (a bot framework built by GitHub with a lot of existing community scripts) and Probot (a more recent bot framework, also with a surprising amount of high-quality apps…

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Integrating GitExtensions with TeamCity

Recently I came up with the idea of integrating the build information coming for each commit from TeamCity directly into GitExtensions (our GUI front end of choice for Git). I believe it should prove very practical when you need to check whether a colleagues’ branch is safe to merge with, or for a gatekeeper to know he can merge a feature branch into the origin repository. It has the added benefit of centralizing all the required information, so you can…