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Keep your Docker images up-to-date with a script

Keep your Docker images up-to-date with a script Every now and then I want to download the latest images for my Docker containers. Instead of going through every image (which gets old really fast), I came up with a simple shell command: This will list your current images and pull the latest for each. All you have to do next is remove the outdated containers and recreate them based on the new images. UPDATE: for each updated container, you can…

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Run CrashPlan in a Docker container on a QNAP TS-x53 Pro

Until this week, I had been running CrashPlan on my QNAP TS-253 Pro as a standard QPKG. This deployment scenario is unfortunately not supported by Code42, and with the most recent update (4.5.0) it just plain stopped working, as it needs a newer version of some OS component than the one present on the QNAP. After researching some scenarios and discussing with a friend who was in the same situation, we decided to try the Docker container support in QTS…