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Using Retrofit to control the Spark Core

As I briefly mentioned on my previous post, I’m building my first Android app to use the Spark Core as a Wake-on-LAN relay inside my network. I started out using DefaultHttpClient but quickly came across Retrofit. I have to say I’m very impressed with the API, its flexibility and ease-of-use. I was able to quickly prototype the following interface, which allows me to flash an arbitrary firmware, invoke methods and retrieve variables very easily: If you’re trying to build a…

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A Wake-on-LAN implementation that works from everywhere

Every now and then I need to wake my machine up while I’m away from home, either to quickly remote desktop into it, or to get access to my Plex library on the go without needing to leave the computer on all the time. Unfortunately, quite a few routers block magic packets coming from the WAN altogether, without allowing you to disable that behavior. I decided this would be a great opportunity for a small first IoT project, where the…